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 Ayurveda Holidays

Kerala is very well known for its theme destination, and it is getting greater attention for the Ayurveda Holiday Packages, it has to offer. Ayurveda is a science forged and perfected by the hands of wise sages. This system of medicine is more than 3000 years old.

Kerala is the only state that practices Ashtanga Pradhana ( 8 divisions of Ayurveda), in its most comprehensive form. Health, as defined by the WHO - The state of health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. It also suggests a 4th dimension, Spirituality.

This definition suits Ayurveda to the core, because the science of Ayurveda treats the person ,not the disease. It facilitates the harmony of the body, mind and soul.

The completely natural way of healing depends on the diagnosis of the body's humours, namely, Vata, Pitta and kabha, to get the right balance. This is the way to refresh yourself, and eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body, and thus regain resistance and good health.

The equable climate, natural abundance of forests, (with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants), and the cool monsoon season (June to November) are best suited for Ayurvedic curative and restorative packages.

Ayurveda offers you two kinds of holiday options, namely, Rejenuvative and Therapeutic. Please find below, some of the Health programs now on offer:

This programe not only makes your body and soul glow with well being, it also teaches you to sustain this goodness in your everyday life. You will be introduced to the cleansing power of Panchakarma, the Ayuvedic approach to nutrition and lifestyle and the life affirming science of Yoga.

Weight Reduction
Shed the extra flab, through a revolutionary programs that is a scientific blend of Yoga, diet, customized massages and herbal medicines.. Eliminate toxins, improve your immunity, soothe your tired nerves, and feel better than you have felt in years.

Ayurvedic Facial
Known as Mukhalepam, this unique procedure will nourish and condition your skin. A face pack with a special blend of rare herbs, with bleaching properties is used to bring a glow to the complexion. This facial will open all blocked pores, eliminate toxins, and cleanse the face to improve skin texture. This treatment is suitable for all types of skin.

Other programs available

      Anti arthritic treatment.
      Anti neuropathy treatment.
      Treatments for mental tension, depression, anxiety and insomnia.
      Orientation course on Ayurveda, nutrition and herbs.
      Workshops on Ayurvedic massages and treatments.
      Workshop on Yoga and meditation.

Special treatments provided are as follows

An ancient method of diagnosis.

    Milk bath
 A bath in 300 litres of medicated milk inside a tub made of Neem trunk.

    Mineral bath
A shower in water passed through mineral stones.

     Herbal steam bath
Steam is passed through herbs, that are suitable to the patient


Package Booking / Itinerary

For your tour packages and deals or a 2 to 16 days tour itinerary including special rates, please contact us at: travel@mintvalley.com

For booking packages or your travel assistance
please submit details with this Form or contact us at: mail@mintvalley.com

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