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Mint Valley Technologies (P) Ltd., promoters of Yachtsindia.com is primarily involved in dealing in E-Commerce, E-tourism, E-Services, Internet-trade, Internet Banking, Software development, Software exports, hardware solutions, graphic and multimedia solutions, Internet access services, telecommunications and information technology services.
We have all the expertise in the realms of developing communication infrastructure, developing state of the art software, providing complete Internet based solutions, specializing in Internet e-commerce, marketing, advertising, design, and hosting solutions all less than one roof. We are up to date on the most recent developments in the web arena i.e. e-banking and other monetary transaction over the web since this is an area in e-commerce that requires the highest level of security and confidentiality.
Mintvalley Technologies are channel partners of Verio, Network Solutions and Net4India. Thus guaranteeing a professional and reliable 24x7 service that matches your e-business and e-tourism needs at an economical package.
We have succeeded in bringing up a successful Internet based business as a place for prospective customers to look up product information; progress to an online store and from there evolve into a hub for business cycle automation, supporting web accessible transactions for a community of consumers or businesses. The key software components we provide for e-Business include Merchant end server, Commerce server, Web server, Payment server and Catalogue server, Database, Firewall etc. Mint Valley Technologies (P) Ltd. helps you utilize market leading products, technologies and services to turn business visions into reality.

Mint Valley is a promoter of HarbourMarina.com, ScubaIndia.com, IndianIslands.com and many other e-tourism and commercial web portals that have been consistent players in today's highly competent global Internet market. 

The volume of online tourism reservations and bookings has been on the rise recently. We offer our visitors and would be tourists a one-stop travel shopping, reservation and destination information services from all the major airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, house boats and car rental. 

Our e-tourism sites benefit the travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, hotels, adventure tourism operators, health tourism promoters and local merchandisers to go online and make their presence and levels of operation known worldwide 24 hours, all the 7 days in a week!!
Harbour Marina
HarbourMarina.com is a one stop e-travel portal offering visitors detailed information on Mintvalley's ongoing projects on one of Kochi's islands. The project once completed would provide world-class pleasure boating, cruising, watersports facilities luxury villas and apartments and many other services never before available in South Asia.
Scuba India
The Ocean around Indian Sub-Continent have not been explored to that much extent by freelance divers. A treasure house of exotic marine flora and fauna, ancient sunken ships await to be discovered by divers. ScubaIndia.com provides all the information necessary for the promotion of this adventure sport and deep-water scientific research in India. Our partnerships with professional certification providers offer amateur and professional divers a world class diving facilities for training and certification center in South Asia. 
Indian Islands 
India has two island chains gifted by the sea. The Andaman & Nicobar group in the Bay of Bengal and the Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea. The Islands are gaining reputation with its whitest sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise lagoons, spectacular underwater gardens, hundreds of breathtaking dive sites, natural atolls, marine flora and fauna. The exquisite sea surrounding makes the Islands an excellent scope of scuba diving, adventure tourism, water sports, tours and cruises. Indianislands.com is a one of a kind information web site for tourists, tourism operators and merchandisers to come together and experience the undiscovered paradises, India has on these Islands. 


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